Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Housemaid's Knee

Much of the time, a simple pass with a mop dampened with no-rinse neutral pH janitorial cleaning solution is enough to refresh one of the many painted floors in this 1890 interior. I use a janitor's telescoping anodized aluminum handle with a toothed rectangular attachment that is designed to hold a nylon scrubbing pad. If I use a scrubber, it is usually a white one, that is the least aggressive. Otherwise, I use a hemmed terry cloth (bar wipe or face cloth), a system that pre-dates the patented one sold at the grocery. It's versatile and economical if one has a washing machine.

Nothing, however, gets a floor cleaner than old-fashioned hands and knees attention. Now and then I set pride aside and get a core workout while seeing to the very edges of a room. There are no buckets in this system. I can spray a floor if using the mop or wipe it down with a succession of pre-dampened cloths while working on all fours -30-

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