Friday, February 17, 2017

Inorganic Beauty Supply

The house geek loves to fiddle with electronics. I've been passing on four-grit nail buffers, that he loves, and he's been buying pointed cotton swabs and nail lacquer for labeling and touch-up for years.

The supply store downtown had a sale on a locking equipment trolley. The price was low enough to make it worth taking a chance, and I no longer can imagine life without one. It's child proof, featherweight, obviously well-tested, and versatile. Himself allowed me to integrate the domestic detailing gear that overlaps in many areas with what is necessary to bring a vintage circuit prize back to working life.

Adding the smallest fire proof storage cabinet would round out the inventory. As it is, I house flammables in an outbuilding. Perhaps a small fireproof document safe would do  -30-

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