Friday, February 24, 2017

One Small Step

Integrating a drafting table into a domestic interior is no small feat. First of all, studio work and life support are natural enemies. Toxic pigments menace metabolism, and a dab of butter can sabotage thousands of dollars worth of work.

With toxins under control and a dedicated work surface to isolate grease, there's still the burden of integrating a table's sharp corners and particular proportions into a conventional room. It's most convenient for me to have a drafting table in the dining room, so I can work back and forth between it and the domestic duties that get my blood circulating. Finally I worked out the formula: a small table with civilized varnish and brass fittings on the under structure covered in brown Sham newsprint, sold by the roll in the local academic bookstore. The paper replaced the white butcher paper I was trained to use for utility applications. It costs a little more, but it's elegant enough to draw praise from my most design-conscious and well-housed buddy. -30-

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