Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Procrustean Storage

The many ultra-small apartments that have sprouted in the neighborhood leave me newly conscious of inventory. The rigor of Pomme's digital designs keeps me focussed on the here and now. The banquet of visual information that is the web more than satisfies my hunger for engaging things to observe.

I like to keep a flexible house. To that end, I store away things that are not in active use. If the storage areas can't hold the excess, it simply goes into the thrift bag that lives by the front door. This neighborhood is in the one-hour delivery radius of the big on-line supplier, so I don't have to worry. Following navy practice of keeping two of every staple in reserve cushions shopping deadlines. Things too large for the thrift bag go into the alley on a dry Friday, when they simply melt away as neighbors scrounge on their way home for the week-end.

It is rare that I surplus something valuable enough to sell. An unexpected consequence of my way of managing storage is that the best of my possessions are in daily rotation. The best, it turns out, is the best because usually it is the most durable and aptly designed. No need to bother with the second-rate. Just cheap out with the most utilitarian and then spring for the good stuff -30-

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