Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Worth The Trouble

I decided to invest in a set of replacements for my grandmother's 1948 dinner napkins, that are not showing noticeable signs of wear even now. The table should be good through 2060, if the owners keep the things out of a dryer.

The new set of hemstitched Irish linens left me wheezing when I paid for them, but they cost about the same as the motley collection of substitutes I have toyed with since I started keeping house in 1966.

Forget cotton and blends. Use top of the line linen or fresh dishtowels or bar wipes for best value and performance. Even take-out is enhanced by a generous, protective cover on the lap. Guests can relax when they know they're not likely to go home wearing the first course.

Line dry linen and iron from the back to raise the grain and minimize abrasion. Never iron a fold, since a tubular fiber like linen will crack. Pull the hem straight very gently, since worn hemstitching can become a conveniently perforated tear line if mishandled -30-

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