Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Full Set

The most rational wardrobe advice I have encountered is to dress for the weather, for who you are, and for what you will be doing. Then pay the most for what you use the most. In my life, Deep South America's quilted jackets padded with synthetic filling get daily use. Over the years I've bought the hoodie, the simple zip-front jacket, and a vest. All three have been good value that save time, simplify, and shrink my carbon footprint by saving heat and enabling a comfortable life on foot and on public transportation.

In an experimental moment one time, I bought every element of a set of summer basics that a local department store was offering. What felt like a splurge turned out to be excellent economy, both in terms of cost per wearing, cost of acquisition (time and travel), and the price per square inch of storage. My current version of this system is simply to buy black, period, plus a beige version for the burbs and the woods -30- 

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