Monday, March 6, 2017

The Heart Of Housekeeping

Several weeks of encountering a mystery stench on entering the dining room at dawn led to nervous speculation. Had a rodent died inside a wall? Was the new organic matting composting in place? Were transients using the garden at night?

Housekeeping is a discipline of the nose. I voiced my concerns to the in-house science person, who volunteered a sniff by sniff search of the premises after he got home from work. In the meantime, we lofted a few theories over coffee and oatmeal.

I had been unaware that electronic equipment can deteriorate and generate soul-searing odors. Lurking on the floor was a salvaged boom box with a splendid voice and a solvent scar on the cover of the CD player. I isolated the boom box on the back porch, and the next morning's interior air was clear.

Now I can exercise my one electronic repair skill. A specialist pointed out his tool of last resort: a hammer. He used it on gear that was salvageable but too time consuming to bother with. Prudence dictates disabling suspect equipment -30-

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