Friday, March 24, 2017

This Season

This is the tail end of as cold and wet a Seattle  winter as I can remember. It's the kind of winter that makes me kick myself for not having installed a water salvage system. The few sunny days since February have left the garden enthusiastic and barely in check. Maintenance is now a top priority. 

If it's ever dry enough to prune, I'll be outside in a frantic race against the explosion of growth that the native shrubs will demonstrate. In past years, there have been more than a few warm, early days when I have been able to lounge on the front steps with a cup of coffee and literally watch the brush grow, sometimes six inches at a time. 

Prunings get mowed into mulch on the front lawn, that is morphing into a bird feeder. Earthworms devour the mulch that draws them to the surface to feed crows and robins. With so much development in the area, the wood-fenced front lawn offers refuge from passers-by and their dogs -30-

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