Thursday, April 27, 2017


Over the years many a coffee pot has crossed the threshold. At any one time, I have been able to consider how many are in inventory and count two or three in excess of actual need.

Need comes and goes. So do the pots. The other day an expensively stylish European import of a tea kettle died prematurely. I'd bought it because the new induction hot plate demanded a ferrous vessel, the interior enameling of which failed in several places, treating us to rusty hot water.

I cast about for a replacement and decided that the nearly indestructible two-bit plastic hot pot would do for back-up, but I hoped for something else as well. An equally inexpensive enameled steel coffee pot of ancient design turns out to be a star performer: the tall narrow vessel heats the same amount of water in half the time of the showboat -30-

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