Friday, April 28, 2017

Mermaid Culture

The empty nest is filling up again. Partner calls his time his own, and the heir is moving in for a few welcome weeks. The "family  parlor" of this piece of 1812 architecture is lined with work tables and centered on an old farmhouse kitchen table that is infinitely dumpy, gracious, and useful. A corner of the room houses the internet service.

I bought this place to work at home, and long tenure in the neighborhood has seen the transition from forty-hour employment to gigs. The original boutique coffee chain established itself as a third place. I find that the closer I model my life on a coffee shop of any stripe, the happier and easier it becomes.

There's a proper parlor to demonstrate my awareness of the proprieties. The room is upstairs and out of the way, a place to stash the few pieces of formal furniture that are in period with the house. The space is used so seldom that it also makes a good planning room. The dudes are setting up a man cave for their digital needs.

This old nest has evolved into a coffee shop with sleeping and planning space overhead. The situation brings to mind a note from the director of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, who described the place as "an ace cafe with quite a good museum attached". Priorities are everything -30-

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