Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Potatoes And Bacon

The joy of substituting baked potato for boiled or raw in traditional dishes continues. A previously baked potato amplifies flavor and is as good or better to work with than a boiling spud. Peeled and cut into irregular faceted flakes, a baked potato fried in a minor excess of olive oil is delicious. The thin parts of the flakes are crisp while thicker sections are succulent. 

Fried this way and reheated with a grind of black pepper, a thin layer of cheese, and bacon bits, potato makes a substantial dish to accompany a generous salad. The Market's south German delicatessen smokes its own bacon, that is saltier and dryer than ordinary. Minced and rendered crisp, the bacon's flavor is so intense that a few fragments are enough to enhance a small plate. Topped with minced green allium top (any variety will do) and a dab of sour cream, it's hard to eat it slowly enough actually to taste it -30-

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