Tuesday, May 23, 2017


My experience with landscape maintenance is in salvage. I've done three quite old gardens, and it's very gratifying. An aged yard offers woody plants with sculptural qualities that rival those of a traditional Japanese landscape.

I haven't checked lately, but I believe landscaping expense is a capital investment that the tax man will factor into the profit on a house, so it's worth budgeting for. I would have saved quite a bit of time and effort had I found a trained landscaper to design a master plan for the property and hired a trained arborist to do salvage pruning. Hire anyone with a license to remove unwanted trees.

I would talk to the landscape designer about the following: edibles, native plants, and my dream meadow. Now that this lot is forty years familiar, I can see how rewarding it would have been to seed it with native everything I could think of and edit as things sprouted and grew.

Garden writer Vita Sackville-West recommended respecting plants that volunteer in surprising and interesting places. She also said that visitors can jolly well walk around a plant that strays over a path. There are risk management aspects of that advice to consider, but the approach keeps a place from looking like the boot camp haircuts so many maintenance crews leave in their wake-30-

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