Monday, May 22, 2017

Move It!

One of my childhood playmates was the daughter of a World War Two flight nurse. My friend used military jargon that was presumably the fruit of the urgent necessities of medivac. As domestic circumstances evolve, I am finding the jargon useful for accelerating the ordinary routines of life support.

The author of the management manual Getting Things Done, David Allen, recommends instantly completing a task that can be finished in under two minutes. Doing so keeps the algae off the hull of my little vessel, so to speak.

Keep a thrift shop donation bag by the main exit. Use something disposable that has handles that stand ready to grab. 

I am experimenting with delivery of ordinary life support supplies. Preparing an order is a little time-consuming because I'm unfamiliar with the system, but the strategy looks promising.

Laying out bulky extra bundles of waste for the city to haul away is cheaper than thrashing with a dump run.

When I discover a garment that is so apt for my uses that it is always in the clothes hamper, I get three of them.

Little changes add up to big savings. Sometimes the savings come in non-obvious ways. The time I save by having things delivered and hauled away can be spent on preparing meals at home. That saves hugely on commercial food, and that in turn improves health and reduces medical expense -30-

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