Thursday, May 4, 2017


The expensive detergent recommended for heirloom quilts pays for itself in cleaning  bills. Use your own judgment and read "Carefully Disregarding Use and Care Instructions" in Cheryl Mendelsohn's Home Comforts.

When there was a hope of it drying before mildew set in, last July I washed an Oregon Rodeo blanket. I filled the bath tub with barely warm water, added detergent as the tub filled, and wrestled the cover under the surface. A minute or two's soak was all it took to refresh it after a good few years of service.

I set a legally-acquired industrial grade dairy crate in the tub as it was draining, eased the blanket in, and propped the crate up on one corner. When the dripping ceased several hours later, I humped the crate upstairs and laid the blanket out to dry on the obliging nap of a wool rug. A few washes will lend it the gentle surface of age. Properly defended from moth, it should look exquisite in about a hundred years -30-

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