Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Fourier

In the Middle Ages, a fourier was a member of a privileged household who preceded the main group as they moved from one estate to another. The fourier secured feed for the horses and prepared the interior of a vacant domicile by setting out textiles. Having moved seventeen times in four and a half years during my early housekeeping career, I can claim as fast a hand with a bedspread as any hippie chick who survived the Sixties.

In lieu of hot glue upholstery, I chose to disguise the clean but weary covering of an especially comfortable couch with a couple of putty-colored quilted spreads from the Great Big Northern European Home Furnishings chain. Tucked to fit, the spreads underlie a luxurious self-inflating air mattress from the Great Big Hiking Co-op. The mattress, in turn, is disguised with one of the Oregon Rodeo blankets beloved of local tribes and the glass community.

Fiddling with a spring tune-up of the interior, I discovered that an easier, more generous lapping of blanket across the front of the couch produced a more relaxed atmosphere in the room and simplified maintenance. Setting up is a game of centimeters that pays big returns -30-

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