Friday, May 5, 2017

Under And Over

Rosin paper is sold at hardware outlets to protect floors when a building is under construction. I use it between a bare floor and the sea grass matting that is my favorite covering for the house. Sea grass is period back to 1812. These days it is sold to the beach community.

Refreshing the dining room matting used only half the roll. Partner claimed it for his shop and discovered that for office utility tables, rosin paper is the functional equivalent of an old-school art student's butcher paper, that covered the drafting table. Pard saved the black plastic bumpers that protected the corners of the table during shipping and tucked them back into place after the paper was taped into position. The effect is doggoned classy, like a letterpress book binding or old-fashioned desk blotter. Himself says the toothy rosin paper is a good surface for using a mouse  -30-

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