Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fran And Glo

Saturday's cooking binge reminded me of Fran and Gloria's creole restaurant that used to grace the Seventies' Jackson Street. When things got to be too much, I'd take myself there for a restorative lunch on a blazing hot summer day. Then I'd go home and sleep for twelve hours.

The owners taught in the culinary program at Seattle Central. I studied them at work, though, and it seemed as if a good stir was the key to their delectable main dishes, that required almost no effort to digest. The other day I put together a pot of spam hocks and garbanzo beans to use up an aging emergency pantry item. Ham hocks from the south German deli are the best, but not wasting food is second best.

Dried onion, canned tomato, rosemary, and chicken broth made up the rest of the dish, plus some last-minute minced flat-leaf parsley. A whisper of vinegar will get the most calcium out of a bony hock. Frequent gentle stirring produced a subtly thickened soupy stew. Long, slow cooking brings out rich flavor.

In one of her books, Leah Chase reminds the reader that "a good cook stays with the pots". Doing the right thing is easier since I moved an overstuffed chair into a corner of the kitchen -30-

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