Friday, June 9, 2017

Lucky Space

One summer's day in the Nineties I spent a few minutes with a couple of friends observing a roiling mass of offspring in the unfinished basement of one's 1920s Dutch Colonial house. The kids had built a fort using the cushions of the partially-eviscerated sofa that faced the tv across a very weary piece of carpet. They were adding anything else they could lift. The other friend, who lived in a new house, looked around at the cement and Doug fir timber of the room with nothing to lose and remarked, "You are so lucky to have a space like this."

I, too, enjoy a basement with nothing to lose. Recently the in-house geek claimed it as his own. The room has been christened Trog, has the fastest Internet in the house, and will soon host a telecommuter. 

The basement and equally unfinished attic spaces are not taxed and save huge amounts of energy. I dry laundry in one or the other as the season suggests, and the production value of the square footage speaks for itself -30-

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