Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Crow Park

Several years ago, decades of vegetative growth collided with the growth of the city . I found that the orchard of dwarf trees was crowding the lot while new apartment buildings loomed overhead. It became necessary to open up the garden spaces inside the fence line. 

An obliging tree butcher took the fruit trees down to the ground, exposing irregular patches of turf. I assumed it would take several seasons to restore the fine-bladed old fashioned grass, and it has. What I did not anticipate was how much the local birds would appreciate the open but sheltered area.

The restored lawn is fenced on three sides with a clear line of sight to the area that is not enclosed. The birds seem to be using it as a rest area from the medium density neighborhood that surrounds it. We mow garden waste on the lawn to feed it and to save on solid waste fees. The mowings feed worms that feed birds.

The local crows have grown sociable, and the robins are nearly as complacent as chickens -30-

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