Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Potato Studies

I've been experimenting with using baked potato in dishes that usually call for boiled. The baked tuber has a richer flavor. Irregular faceted slices of a barely cooked baker fry into deliciously crisp pieces.

Baked potato salad is also exceptionally flavorful, but it can be so fluffy as to deteriorate into a lumpy batter (that can be fried). Barely mature potatoes about five inches long cook into slices that tend toward firm and pliable. Watch the timing closely: about 400 degrees for twenty minutes if you start with room temperature tubers. Pull from the oven when it is just possible to insert a tester smoothly. 

Residual heat will finish the cooking while the potato cools enough to be handled. Peel, slice, and dress with sour while hot so the flavor will be absorbed completely. I flavored today's version with the brine from a jar of pepperoncini and then added some of the pickled peppers, seeded and diced.

Afterword: the salad was even better on day two and would be delicious with an overcooked pork chop or perfectly cooked steak -30-

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