Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tea Time

I have an ongoing design discussion with a digital work-at-home fella who is a good sport only about necessary domestic activities. Somehow the importance of multi-forks and a clutch of stemware at each table setting has escaped him.

We recently swapped opinions about mixing Japanese, English, and American china on the same table, and his take was "that's a lot of dishes to wash". I can live with the attitude: from it I realized that his preference for utilitarian restaurant china is probably closer to the living reality of the Japanese tea ceremony than my conventional cups and saucers. I understand that the most highly valued cups used in the tea ceremony were originally utilitarian ware produced in Korea.

The scion of a store-owning Japanese family looked at my handful of reproduction Imari one day and said he eats breakfast cereal out of a stainless steel bowl from the hardware store -30-

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