Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Chances are the newcomers in the neighborhood don't recognize the spectacular blooms on the front bank as native plants. The fireweed, Queen Anne's lace, dock, and California poppies are holding their own against the dun-colored siding of new construction.

A not-yet-completed landscaping project left me with a couple of beds close to the house sprouting weeds. Some of them looked so good on their own-pearly everlasting, wild geranium, and rusty oxalis- that I just edited each area for consistent visual impact and called it finished. I'll let the pearly go to seed and scatter it on the front bank to await eventualities. It has a sweet spicy scent that makes a welcome wreath for the winter holidays. 

When the Shasta daisy, a close approximation of the real roadside thing, drops its seeds, I'll add the ones I've fostered and keep the area damp. Come autumn, I'll cover the bank lightly with the leaves of the local street trees -30-

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