Monday, August 28, 2017

Parlor Toys

There's a class of toy I cherish-the not inexpensive ones designed to be passed from one generation to the next. I learned that they are called parlor toys. A Noah's ark was a classic item. 

When in the Seventies the fine arts began publicly to recognize the existence of women, their product was referred to, oddly enough, as women's art. Off and on over the ensuing years I've mumbled to myself about men's art, specifically the work of persons who prioritize raising a family. A gifted amateur is no small resource. I treasure an heirloom jumping jack, an unpainted folk piece that could easily be overlooked and discarded by an uninformed heir. The form and workmanship is superb and eloquent.

An untrained child uses it under supervision until its judgement and motor skills are adequate. Plastic action figures can easily brutalize, because they are nearly indestructible. That said, the hot item in the family toy chest is a first generation Game Boy -30-

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