Monday, August 7, 2017

Stumbling Toward Harmony

Last week's unwelcome discovery of lead in a mixed set of vintage restaurant ware ended my plan to mix it with my current set of dishes. Over the years, various heirlooms and impulse buys have complicated the tabletop. Now and then it is necessary or advisable to edit, though sometimes I regret having done so.

Out of the bad news emerged some good: I have the perfect excuse to spring for the restaurant ware I hadn't yet been able to rationalize. Happily, the Pillar of the American Coffee Shop assures visitors to his web site that his product of free of lead. The prices rival the cost of a thrift purchase plus the cost of testing it for heavy metal, and it's faster to order on line. 

I'm glad to see the company's quality of design: it's in the same league as Oregon Round-up Blankets and the local outfitter that sent prospectors to the Klondike wearing wool clothing likely to guarantee their return -30-

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