Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Sky Park

The lawn west of the house offers a clear field of vision for birds. Only grass grows across the width of the lot. Two sides of the area are enclosed by a wooden fence. A third is secured by a narrow wire fence and the wall of the house. The approaches to the fourth edge are easily visible from utility wires.

In effect, the lawn resembles an airfield. A recent experiment in using the area to sheet compost garden debris paid off as I had hoped: it became a bird feeder. Before dawn, robins turn up for breakfast. The crows stop by at daybreak, and a mixed flock shows up later on. When I glanced out the window at mid-morning, there was a pair of juvenile flickers fixedly going after whomever lives under the mowings, and a scrub jay with its humming bird-wingman checking things out. Overlooking the lawn from the north is a birdie condo of sorts, a tall sheared laurel with obvious entrances for what I think are wrens.

Feeders sustain more than birds, so I am glad to have yet another reason to let the landscape itself support the fauna -30-

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