Wednesday, September 27, 2017


A tussie mussie is a small bouquet of flowers. I learned to compose one as a gift from the garden when going to visit a friend or for a guest who is leaving. A tussie mussie has the stems trimmed evenly and is bound with a long stem of grass or a ribbon for special occasions.

English designer David Hicks, who wrote the book on Sixties interior design, recommended gathering flowers in one hand, cutting and adding at will, composing as one goes, and then simply setting it into a container. He cites a jam jar as a suitable vessel. Hicks is master of the casual. 

A dear friend stopped by recently for a cup of tea and a brief discussion of her sudden bereavement. I asked my partner to make up some flowers before he left on an errand, and I found a disposable coffee cup sitting on the table with a spectacular zucchini blossom and auxiliary greenery anchored in crisscross holes in the plastic lid. The tussie mussie was intended to fit into the cup holder of my friend's car. With irresistible wit and charm, Anna called yesterday to ask if she could come by for a refill -30-

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