Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dedicated Time

The closer I model my calendar on the comforting repetitions of primary school, the lower my level of stress. The secret is to leave generous margins, about half the available time.

Weekdays are structured around a workout schedule, as good an armature as any. Each week of the month is focussed on one topic in the domestic support system. One is for making and keeping appointments, two is for administration, three is finance, and four is procurement. I try to get tasks out of the way by nine.

I designated this month for a larger focus on finance, and the schedule is working out so well that Big Topics are taking over other months, too. December, predictably, is for family. So is August, because the northwest beckons those who swelter. Visitors share the time with home improvement, but they don't overlap.

I doubt that it will be long before I begin to designate dedicated years -30-

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