Friday, October 20, 2017


My favorite literary critique was uttered by a dame whose opinion of a bucolic effort was "I do not believe that this young man has ever smelled a sheep." I recall gleaning this quotation from John Ciardi's high school English text.

The culture of young urbanites has grown precious and rightly wary of micro-organisms, but it's possible to take caution too far. Rot is one of the glories of life in Western Washington. Gardening is brewing, essentially, a process of growing soil with produce as a by-product. Now is the beginning of the agricultural year. Be brave: a whiff of the compost bucket never hurt anyone. 

A three-bucket emergency latrine, one for liquids, one for layers of soil and solids, and the last full of covering soil will be your best friend should The Big One hit. You'll be astonished by the clean, earthy odor. Jenkins "Humanure Handbook" is available free on line. One person/one privy for the squeamish. Add snap-on plastic seats for luxury -30-

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