Monday, October 16, 2017

Good Deals

Over the week-end, I noticed startlingly good prices in an e-mail from the Tabletop Matching Service in the southeast. Startling as in sterling being competitive with stainless and as in the fifty-dollar deal page offering high-quality mid-century modern serving ware for (relatively) peanuts.

This morning an on-line newspaper ran an article about the reluctance of millennials to commit to the kind of resource-intensive tabletop inventory for which my generation of females was willing to make nearly any sacrifice. Actually, it was our mothers who funded the equipment, thanks to marriage before cohabitation.

I mumbled something to my breakfast companion about the market crashing, and he reminded me that in twenty years, the next crop of young adults will be ravenous for the heirloom quilts and mahogany furniture that this lot can't wait to escape.

That said, the art and etiquette of the table may never rightly be compromised, because sharing food is bedrock social training. Details may vary, but healthy community is absolute -30-

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