Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Very Simple Decoration

Last winter a neighbor outlined her living room window with a string of pinpoint white incandescent holiday lights. They were a straightforward, elegant, welcoming, and stunningly simple accent that turned her simple bungalow entry into a gracious transition from this lively urban streetscape into her old family home. The lights stayed on until the long days of June rendered them irrelevant.

A new tenant next door has done much the same thing with her second story balcony, outlining the railing, wall, post, and overhang with a string of slightly larger warm, small globes. It, too, is breathtakingly simple, effective, and socially heartening. 

I doubt that it will be long before the practice spreads. It's important to conserve electricity, so when I noodle around looking for light strings of my own, I'll factor in LED and solar variants -30-

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