Friday, November 10, 2017


Fast food by another name. The Geek's Favorite grocery chain offers unsalted pretzels filled with peanut butter. Unsalted nuts, tiny carrots milled from big ones, grape-sized tomatoes plus grapes themselves, chocolate with a sugar shell, dried fruit, little crackers, all come easily to hand to support the current thinking that six small meals a day are better than three squares-if you're doing knowledge work. Check out the Corporate Athlete training initiative. Chow down at the desk.

The butcher shop at the main intersection of the Pike Place Market offers an entertaining version of trail mix for carnivores. The concept is simple: cut cheese, sausage, and jerky into bite-sized cubes or the irregular pieces of a rolling cut. A millennial dinner guest was delighted by the mix, and I discovered that a handful tossed onto a salad the next day made an instant meal.

Green is a little harder to get right. Sanitizing lettuce with successive sprays or dips of hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar not only protects one from antibiotic-resistant field bacteria, it extends the life of fresh produce. Rinse in fresh water and roll in a damp napkin. It's easy just to grab a leaf and eat it. Carefully trimmed broccoli boiled fast and blanched in cold water mixes well with the trail mix above and various nuts and seeds. 

Cuisine this ain't, but nutrition it is -30-

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