Monday, November 27, 2017

The Keyboard

Talking easy housekeeping the other day, I was saddened to hear a buddy voice her distress at the notion of getting rid of beloved possessions. That's not the point. The idea is to set up a domicile so that it is simple to get the basic work of life support accomplished. Warehousing and museum conservation concerns are another set of tasks. 

It's helpful to conceive of a workspace as a keyboard or the dashboard of a vehicle. Neither of those areas is ideal for dead storage. Keep things you use several times a day front and center. Place seldom used objects ever closer to the exit until it is time to consider the future. If you enjoy the visual richness of decorative objects, set them out of the main way. I like to store knick-knacks behind glass.

My favorite ornaments are simply the things I use every day to get the basic tasks of life accomplished. I find it stressful to house artifacts that are slowly deteriorating. If I can't keep something in good condition in my present circumstances, I find a better home for it. Not having to worry about possessions allows me to bring my full attention to bear on immediate concerns -30-

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