Thursday, November 2, 2017


When the season shifts, which in Seattle means every couple of months, I do a wardrobe thrash, laying everything out in plain sight and editing without mercy. It's a joy to toss things that are getting in the way into a pile close to the exit. I don't care how much they cost: if they're not working, they're not worth house room.

I co-ordinate everything that's left so that any garment will work with any other garment. The inspiration for this was a comment from a hairdresser who said he liked to grab things out of a milk crate first thing in the morning. Works for me. It's not unlike the skater technique of dressing from a pile on the floor, adding layers as the weather suggests.

Sometimes the process amounts to a virtual mudslide in my wardrobe as minor changes in lifestyle, body form, and ambitions reach a tipping point. The process is not wasteful, since it protects time, energy, and attention from distracting complexity. The best part of a thrash is taking a look at the discards and discovering entertaining new ways to combine them. The rules of thumb that work for me are to dress for the weather, for who I am, and for what I will be doing -30-

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