Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Dressing Down

I slowed enough to spend part of a morning folding clothing with the meticulous care that so many are now learning to exercise. After going through my inventory, I realized that being spread out and folded exactly on grain is right good for the clothes I'm lucky enough to own.

The laundry process is one of recreating the original manufacture of a garment. Ideally, a freshly maintained piece is "as good as new". I line dry everything to extend the life of the collection. Drying carefully on grain and folding with equal care for storage produce a garment that is a joy to wear.

"Squared away" says it all. "Dressing down", that I first heard as a disciplinary term, is an exercise applied to hanging fabric, as well. To dress down is to pull the vertical grain straight and then to arrange folds in an orderly way. The petty demands on manual skill described above yield huge returns in the household -30-

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