Friday, December 22, 2017

Editing Christmas

The traditional back to back holiday menus of Christmas eve, Christmas breakfast, and Christmas dinner are a marathon challenge to forward-thinking and responsible behavior during the rest of the year. My elders started shopping and baking in July. This year is different from all other years. Such were the work and travel commitments of various members of the family that it looked as if Santa would be out of town. The rest of us sketched in a minimalist overnight, since two thirds of us would be working (with luck) twelve-hour days up until the eve.

The traditional, and laborious, presentation on Christmas eve morphed over the course of twenty years into home-made pizza. I elected this year to have the food delivered from a favorite local vendor. That decision made, the crew turned its collective judgement to Christmas Day. We decided to celebrate Santa's unexpected early return with an extravagant version his favorite breakfast, laid on late Christmas morning after a head start with coffee, leftover pizza, and stockings -30-

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