Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Fast And Delicious

The other day, I was moving too quickly to second-guess myself in the kitchen. I accidentally produced a tasty version of the commercial rice bowl using mediterranean ingredients. Work with raw ingredients that are at room temperature. I used a hot pot, small cast iron skillet, and a small enameled cast iron pot to cook this dish.

Layer one: freshly cooked pasta done in the hot pot.
Layer two: gently scrambled eggs, relaxed rather than fluffy. Cook in the skillet.
Layer three: a quick sauce made with chopped canned tomato and thin strings of red onion sauteed in an excess of olive oil. The Geek's Favorite Grocery Chain sells bags of small onions that are just the right size for a small household. Cook the onion first in the enameled pot, then add to the  tomato and simmer until it approaches dryness. Add a dash of balsamic vinegar to the tomato mixture.

Layer four: zucchini browned hot and fast in the remaining olive oil. Cut the zucchini across into two-inch lengths, then slice them into 3/16" by 3/4" julienne. Grind black pepper over the zucchini toward the end to bring out the flavor of the spice.

Sequence: get pasta going, saute the onion (with a little garlic) and set aside. Saute the zucchini and set aside. Reduce the tomato. Scramble the eggs. Assemble. Total elapsed time about twenty minutes plus a few seconds now and then ahead of time to get things ready to go. There was enough leftover tomato and zucchini to garnish a small steak the next night -30-

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