Thursday, December 14, 2017

Unbreakable, Anti-bacterial, Energy Efficient, And Out Of Fashion

As the nest emptied, I shunted quite a bit of kitchen and table-top gear to the new, younger household that was being established. I left myself with the most formal things in my collection, paper plates,  and a handful of beloved utilitarian pots and accessories.

The first round of holiday entertaining is about to happen. As I fetched the "best" coffee pot out of storage, I realized that heirloom silver plate is a pretty good deal. A couple of candles are all it takes to turn a buffet table into a light show. The flatware can be a toxic pain in the neck as it wears, but serving vessels store in little space and are all the better for being used often. Doing so eliminates polishing. Once the base metal begins to show through the plate, demote the piece. 

Interestingly, writer Mark Twain documented the huge Virginia City silver strike that enabled the nineteenth century tabletop explosion of middle-class silver. Scope out the southeastern replacement specialty vendor to get an idea of just how specific and varied was the design that was presented as necessary to set a proper table. I can live without mango forks, but a gumbo spoon looks pretty tempting -30-

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