Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Pest Control

I inadvertently shared my appreciation for the slug-killing aspect of cold weather with a woman who is seriously creeped out by these gastropods. It was not until I repeated her story of being trapped in a South Sound log cabin by a slug at each threshold that I learned the scale of the event. A witness said
the slugs in question were the literal banana slugs that fill the niche occupied by earthworms in other parts of the country.

The notion of free protein that crawls into the skillet has some, but limited appeal. The cookbook says, "Picking it up is the hard part." Early in my tenure here in Seattle, I read that slugs crawl into the prevailing wind and that they follow each other's trails. I interrupted the trails by tapping each slug with a gloved hand until it curled into a ball and then tossing it over the fence to windward. I briefly considered using a nine iron. I have not seen a large slug since that first summer. The hatchlings are bird food -30-

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