Monday, February 26, 2018

Urban Beachcombing

I've enjoyed quite a few months when the tide set the rhythm of the day. Dawn and evening walks on the beach gave me a chance to study the litter of the sea. Living in town and traveling by bus is little different, although the flotsam is lighter and the jetsam often doubtful to handle.

I very much enjoy sallying forth in the morning to study what the day has brought. Friday saw legions of people wearing all black on the street. I love observing costume that is all black, because silhouette becomes everything. It's a valuable education in designing to get the most out of an existing wardrobe and the most out of forthcoming purchases.

Making the rounds of my usual stores keeps me up to speed with the market. Taking coffee in a regular spot allows me to get a sense of the pulse of that particular urban village and of what personal gear is serving the needs of whomever is around that day.

By the time I make my way back to the house, I have a satisfying picture of how things seem to be going and, usually, a light load of supplies, not all of which were on a shopping list. The most valuable  things I bring home are the ideas I observe -30-

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