Monday, March 12, 2018

Getting Ahead

Janitor/guru Don Aslett advises to store nothing on the floor. This one practice halved the time it takes me to vacuum and is also the key to maintaining a manageable inventory.

I use Aslett's recommended neutral pH no-rinse janitorial floor cleaner to keep surfaces in good condition. Cheap cotton washcloths from The Great Big Northern European Home Furnishings Chain are my rag of choice. I run an inch of hot water into a dishpan and add a tablespoon of the cleaner. Then I soak half a dozen cloths in the solution and strew them around the hard floors. Using an adjustable anodized aluminum janitorial handle and the toothed plastic device designed to grasp nylon floor cleaning pads, with a white (least abrasive) pad in place, I wipe the floors clean. 

It takes longer to describe the process than execute the task.The supplies are cheap in the long run. I then wash the floor cloths in a short load in the machine. It's easy to dampen a bunch of cloths with window solution in the same way. I use an Italian window squeegee for sparkling clear panes.

The key to the mint is maintaining a space so that it is easy to clean. That means no clutter on horizontal surfaces and only essential furniture in place. All the furniture is fitted with Magical Sliding castors that act like after-market wheels. I can move a piece aside during a major vacuuming episode without worrying about stressing the glue joints on a vintage design.

Removing shoes at the entry, using HEPA air filtration, and frying and stewing on the back porch prevent most house cleaning. Though the vibrant local economy and subsequent traffic has increased the amount of dust in the air, cleaning is still trivial. 

Once I recognize the subtle irritation generated by an interior that needs attention, it takes mere minutes to set things right. The grimly unseasonal weather of the last few weeks afforded me the chance to use early garden energies indoors. Having done so, I'm good to go on the landscape -30-

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