Friday, March 9, 2018

Retrofitting Home Delivery

After reading an article about giving a delivery service a key to the house, I realized that this old place is set up to do just that. At one point early in the twentieth century, the back porch was enclosed and a delivery hatch added to one screened wall. All I have to do to ensure secure package delivery is change the lock on the outer door while retaining the existing one on the inner, original back door.

A few days after that realization, I toured an efficiency apartment for rent in an early twentieth century building downtown. The building is in near-original condition. Even the hand-lettered unit numbers are untouched. The original service hatches that open from the main hall into the entry hall of the unit have simply been fastened shut. To my untutored eye, it looks as if fitting secure access to the hatches would be a trivial matter. Doing so would allow thousands of tenants in the region to enjoy the rational life support delivery services offer -30-

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