Monday, March 26, 2018

Window Shopping

Now and then I check the digital offerings of the workhorse brands that let me run the house with minimal hassle. For my pedestrian purposes, the Great Big Hiking Co-op seems to be the general store of choice with their straightforward, cleverly designed, incredibly versatile and durable goods. The fusion of urban and field gear is running apace, and I could not be more content with the basics I already have.  Lightweight, low-maintenance, compact high-tech clothing, carrying gear, and (increasingly) home furnishings amplify my facilities, stretch a dollar, and generate leisure time. I have never regretted an upgrade that originally seemed extravagant.

From a different vendor, a not-cheap under-seat tote with spinner wheels is the unsuspected winning substitute for a motor vehicle. The thing stands upright in narrow store aisles. It pairs neatly with the Co-op's open tote from Deep South America and the secure shoulder bag that is a sleek fusion of messenger and fashion. Seek a bag that, ahem, does not cause clothing to ride up. I can stow the shoulder bag and tote in the spinner and set off for the day knowing it will be easy to get back to the house with as heavy a load of shop as I am willing to haul -30-

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