Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Price Per Pound

Assessing cost per unit of weight is an interesting way to evaluate something. Futurist Buckminster Fuller factored in the weight of a building. Weight even affects the cost of waste disposal, a critical issue at the moment.

I visualize anything the right size set on a foam tray, wrapped in cling film, and embellished with a sticker. A digital device, lamb chop, a piece of jewelry, medication-any of these contents speaks volumes when weight is noted front and center.

A fellow on Maui recently spent a million dollars on a tiny house. Presumably subsequent tiny houses will cost a little less. I'm guessing the price per pound might look reasonable when it's compared with other things that save comparable amounts of time and effort. A tiny house on a generous property with a benign climate makes a lot of sense -30-

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