Monday, April 16, 2018

Sorting Out the Details

I bought a new side bag in an attempt to reduce my daily handicap. Changing bags is like moving to a new domicile.The first night after the change felt like an awkward one in the field.
Besides the necessities of an urban day, I tote the ten essentials of survival (search The Mountaineers), because this is earthquake country. The whole works fits into a reasonably sized purse, but my requirements are complex. Every time I thrash the kit it gets a little smaller and lighter, and the process takes less time.

This season I realized that an undedicated office table with good lighting is a perfect worktop. I blitzed the project in minutes, where I used to spend an hour or more. The cheapest featherweight on-line folding plastic office table in 30"x60" is easy to handle and convenient to integrate with existing furniture -30-

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