Friday, April 27, 2018

The Play House

The micro-house that is part of a venerable line of German toys affords me ample opportunity to experiment with arranging furniture that weighs grams. Now and then I break the house down and store it for a while. Intuition/procrastination told me last week was time, and I rooted the components out of the toy chest. The floors and roofs were relatively grubby, so I sprayed and rinsed them in the kitchen sink. Housecleaning on this scale is identical to housecleaning for real, but it's gratifying to stack components in the dish drainer rather than a spare room.

I've been following the tiny house story for the last few years, and this particular tiny house taketh the cake. I'd love to live in something that can be disassembled, hosed down, and rearranged on a whim. When time came to reassemble it, I realized that no roof is good roof. No crouching to see what is going on inside. Daylighting is a given.

A while ago, I visited Golden Gate Park for the first time since the Seventies.I was staggered by the deconstruction of its elegant neoclassical stone landscaping elements. The change must have been recent: there were piles of sawdust decomposing here and there. I thought about the park when I was fiddling with the tricky task of reassembling my little mansard roof. I had been leaving the second floor out of the house to open up the interior. The clever snap-together assembly system is rickety without all the components in place. Lacking the patience for fidgeting and risk, I simply set the roof corners aside as an outbuilding, laid the deck across one end of the open structure, and posted an open neoclassical dormer on the other as a folly -30-

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