Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cruising Through the Garden

I may have made the horticultural summit: there are no backbreaking landscape projects looming on my personal horizon. The work that remains can mostly be jobbed out in the judicious interplay of homeowner labor and hired work that is the essence of domestic economy.

A cordless reciprocating saw will, I hope, make short work of the heavy pruning that is due. Other debris I'll mulch with the mower. Doing so feeds the lawn. Follow safety precautions to the letter and wear steel-toed boots.

The most efficient way to edge is with a very sharp border spade. I mow the shaggy strips of sod that result. 

Timing is the essence of yard work. Weeding is trivial when the soil moisture is correct. Early mowing produces lush turf. Plant when it's rainy to get things off to an easy start. The growing season in Western Washington starts in October -30-

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