Friday, May 25, 2018

Expedient Triumph

Long tenure in an old house under contemporary conditions has taught me the value of scratching high design values in favor of just getting on with the project, whatever it may be. Mine is not a situation that depends on resale value in a single family market.

When I moved in, there were vestiges of one of the original door frames in the pass pantry that had been modified to allow direct access from the family parlor (aka dining room) to the production kitchen. What was left of the door frame wasn't pretty, so I decided to cover the wall with pegboard. It's out of view unless one is in the pantry. I painted it to match the walls and was astonished by how instantly useful the pegs became. Now it's hard to imagine keeping house without at least one vertical storage facade. Thirty dollars' worth of materials and a couple of hours fiddling have paid off in countless hours of efficient staging of shopping outings, minor restoration projects, and office tasks -30-

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