Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Dinosaur

The other day I spotted a good quality oak cabinetmaker's tool chest in one of the thrift stores on the Ave. It was clean and complete down to the keys. I contemplated the thing for a couple of long minutes and concluded that current technology is a better deal, for my purposes, at ten times the price. A similar metal chest of drawers from Shamrock is easier to handle, modular with the mates in its line, and easier to maintain. The old piece, though, is worth conserving in the right situation, because of the resources embedded in it and because it does not recycle. It would be a good low table in the right room, and the format is convenient for storing art and craft supplies.

I have yet to find an improvement on the combination of lockable metal tool storage, adjustable coated wire shelving on heavy wheels, and legally acquired industrial grade dairy crates. Anything I want to store I can secure with that combination of amenities coupled with plastic bags, archival quality heavy paperboard boxes, and Raptor's system of travel cubes and envelopes -30-

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