Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Humane Delay

I love Seattle's restored Amtrak station. A recent trip south was delayed long enough to give me a chance to study the space. The original benches, of which there are quite a few, have arms wide enough to set a cup of coffee. There is genteel daylighting adequate for studying other passengers' sense of style.

I sat next to a studious fellow who had set a hard guitar case on end in front of his knees. As time passed, I contemplated asking him to play, but couldn't quite bring myself to interrupt his reading. When the train was called, I joked about his playing, and he said he'd been thinking about it, too. Too bad, he probably could have paid for the trip.

South of the light rail tunnel exit is a carefully designed urban plaza. One of the granite boulders that furnishes it is sculpted into a lounge that has the exact lines of a traditional African reclining chair -30-

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