Friday, July 13, 2018

After-market Modification

I chanced across a nifty little purse with a long cross-body strap. Once I got home and off my shopping feet, I spent half an hour contemplating how to shorten the strap to a good working length. Super glue, a zip tie in a matching color, and gaffer's tape all came to mind as ways to secure the end of the  length of black canvas that constitutes the strap.

Once I got my hands on the purse, I quit thinking and just pulled the Swiss Army knife out of my side bag. I cut the strap loose from the quite nice miniature swivel that attaches it to the body of the bag, reonnecting the strap with one simple knot pulled tight. I trimmed the excess length at an angle, and called it good. Thirty minutes' contemplation to one minutes' fabrication is about right -30-

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